Sony is preparing to launch a new model of the PlayStation 5…

Sony is preparing to launch a new model of the PlayStation 5…

In order to overcome the problem of production and increase the pumping of the device to global markets

During the fiscal year 2022 earnings call, Sony revealed its willingness to raise the production of PlayStation 5 devices by 56 percent over the last fiscal year. This comes despite warnings of a continuing shortage of semiconductors that will continue until 2023.

On Tuesday, Sony CEO Hiroki Totoki said that Sony is preparing to increase the rate of supply of PlayStation 5 devices to the global market, setting a goal of selling more than 18 million units, compared to 11.5 million units during the ending fiscal year.

These statements seem to come after the company confirmed that there are new ways to help it overcome the problems of producing the device, and this was confirmed by Totoki in the fiscal year statement last Tuesday, where he indicated that they went to new partners in order to facilitate the production of PlayStation 5 devices, in addition to launching a new model. It hasn’t been revealed yet.

This information is also consistent with the appearance of a new model in the Sony Japan database, which will bear the number CFI-1200, according to what was monitored by some observers.

There are not many details about the nature of this new model of the PlayStation 5, but we expect the differences to be focused on the configurations and not the features so that Sony can save on manufacturing resources as well as the cost of production.

On the other hand, there are not many details about the new partners that the CEO of Sony talked about, but this is in line with previous statements to him at the end of the 2021 fiscal year, where Totoki confirmed that Sony is already looking for new partners in order to increase production of new generation devices.

This is not the first time that Sony has launched a new model of PlayStation 5, as last year it silently launched a new model that differs slightly from the launch model in terms of reducing the size of the internal cooling system and reducing energy consumption, but the model did not differ in performance in any way. about the original version.

These statements come at a time when AMD confirmed the start of work on SoC chips and processors for the next generation PlayStation 6 and the next Xbox (more details can be found here), while there are no details about the mid-generation devices expected to be launched within two years from now.

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