Even British comedy icon ‘Mr. Bean’ is entering the digital NFTs space!

Even British comedy icon ‘Mr. Bean’ is entering the digital NFTs space!

Rowan Atkinson, the famous British comedian with the nickname Mr. Bean, who has always been famous for his silent comedies and spontaneous actions that made millions of adults and children laugh over the past century. Bean’s character got many movies in addition to a video game earlier and today it seems that the British actor wants to disappoint his fans by adopting the NFTS system or field of cryptocurrency.

The field of NFTS, which caused a sensation among gamers around the world, was adopted by many game development companies, including Konami and Sega, while many well-known figures in the industry criticized it, as well as abandoned by other game development companies after a fierce attack on it.

But the obsession with the search for quick profit remains the paramount goal of many of our well-known personalities, and the same applies to many video game developers and others. The actor, Mr. Bean himself, expressed his support for the project, saying:

I think this idea is really cool, because any initiative that not only draws attention but actually gives access to the wonderful artwork associated with the Mister-Animator series, we welcome it all.

Nevertheless, sales of NFTs decreased by 92 percent, and the reason behind this is the lack of digital security and protection, which was caused by some of the recent hacking, scams and hacking activities in the field, in addition to the fierce campaigns led by players and users both across the Internet.

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