Aurora Project, the codename for the new mobile game Call of Duty

Aurora Project, the codename for the new mobile game Call of Duty

The Aurora Project, the codename for the new mobile game Call of Duty that Activision intends to release, will bring fighters from different countries around the world together, in order to offer a fast-paced, accurate and high-quality action experience in Battle Royale with a whole new gameplay.

The publisher confirmed that Project Aurora has seen many rumors via Reddit or YouTube, but nothing has been officially announced yet. The game is still under development and in the midst of its first closed alpha tests.

Closed alpha will accommodate a limited number of participants and we aim to improve the game, test its matches extensively, find and fix bugs and collect player feedback on all aspects of the game and its new features.

Today, the publisher, through the developer’s official page, shared more details about the upcoming project.

Q: Can I register to play in the Closed Alpha for Project Aurora?
A: No, Closed Alpha is only available to a group of limited participants by direct invitation from us. However, we will open the door to participants and add some players to the Closed Alpha Phase and beyond as we progress in development. Stay tuned for updates through these posts or through the official announcement posts for the game.

Why do you offer a closed alpha version and not open the game to all players?
Since the Aurora project is still under development, we only need a few participants to help us achieve our goals at this stage of development.

When will Project Aurora be available to all players?
A: Trust us when we say that we are very excited to bring this mobile game experience to our players around the world, but we haven’t officially announced the name yet and haven’t set a release date to share with you yet. We’ll share a lot of updates and posts with you ahead of time, and then let you know when it’s released as soon as it’s decided.

Who can I ask for help if I have a problem with the closed beta?
Technical support services will be very limited during the closed alpha, but we provide in-game channels for your feedback and feedback and will constantly release in-game fixes and updates to let players know about known issues, fixes, and more.

Will the characters and locations in the closed alpha also be present in the final game?
The content of the Closed Alpha for Project Aurora is not final and may change during development. Right now we are only focusing on evaluating the mechanics of playing the battle royale at scale on mobile devices.

Is the closed alpha version fully upgraded?
No, behind the Aurora Project Closed Alpha we aim to improve and develop the game by testing matches, improving performance and accuracy, and finding and fixing bugs during game development.

Does the closed alpha include everything in the game?
of course not. It is only a small part of what we will introduce in the new game. We’ll let you know about all the interesting developments we will bring to the Aurora Project when the time comes.

Will progress in the closed alpha count in the final game?
No, all data and progress in this closed alpha will be reset and may be deleted or reset during the alpha itself. Of course, once the game is completed and made available globally, all progress will be saved.

We work hard to create the best possible experience for our players around the world and can’t wait to share our innovations with you, so stay tuned for updates here.

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