Another leaked clip of Skate 4 shows some new gameplay footage

Another leaked clip of Skate 4 shows some new gameplay footage

Earlier in 2020, EA announced the fourth part of the famous Skate 4 series of skateboarding games, and since that time, players have been waiting to know what stage its development has reached, and recently many leaks have begun to appear on the gameplay.

This morning we also got a new leak showing the gameplay of Skate 4, but like last time it is in the Pre alpha stage, which means that it is still in the early development stage, but watching the new clip gives us a more impression about the gameplay.

EA has tried hard to block these leaks from the Internet, but it seems that the clip has spread more than expected, and journalist Jeff Group from GamesBeat shared the clip on his Twitter account, and the video has garnered more than 200,000 views as of writing this news. .

And as you saw above, we can imagine the way to play when it was released, as the game still maintains its originality, and the way to skate in all directions and parkour movements looks very smooth and does not suffer from problems, in addition to the fact that the physics in the game may need more work, and of course not from It is clear when the official game mode will be obtained.

We heard many rumors about the game from Tom Henderson, who previously indicated that the two-year-old skate game is in the development stage, and things are going well and well, although no specific time frame has been set for when the final game will be released, which is Now it has entered the stage of final examinations stage.

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