A new update for the PlayStation 5 is now available for download, here are the details..

A new update for the PlayStation 5 is now available for download, here are the details..

Today, Sony released a new update for the PlayStation 5, which has the number 22.01- It has a size of 1.06 GB.

Sony has not officially revealed the details of the update (via the PSU), but we do not expect it to bring with it many changes and its function may be limited to improving the performance and stability of the system, as is usual from small, unannounced updates. But we will wait until the full description of the update arrives through the official PlayStation website to share it with you.

The update is now available, and if your device is in standby mode with the automatic background update feature enabled, it will be downloaded and installed by itself, and you can verify this by matching it with the number shown above.

It is noteworthy that Sony has recently activated the VRR feature in PlayStation 5 devices, which improves the performance and stability of frame rates in supported games when played through screens supporting this technology. However, after testing the new technology through the specialized Digital Foundry team, he confirmed that the technology still lacks some improvements that put it in an embarrassing situation in front of the same technology in Xbox Series devices, more details here..

The latest PlayStation 5 update caused anger to a number of players after it disable the activation of a number of features on their new TVs.

The update should add a responsive technology for Game Mode, known as Auto Low Latency Mode (ALLM), with no option to turn the feature on or off. However, those who own an LG or Sony TV have found some transition options of their own in grey, in other words, they are (disabled).

This new update may fix this problem in addition to other technical problems that may have existed in the previous system.

Stay tuned for more details if there is anything new..

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