Sony invests $300 million in new PlayStation studios for two goals

Sony invests $300 million in new PlayStation studios for two goals

In order to develop first-party games and also launch these games on several platforms.

Sony announced it is investing $300 million in first-party studios or PlayStation Studios to work on two targets announced during the ending fiscal year 21 earnings call.

Through the information we obtained, this amount was invested in the development of first-party games and the launch of these games on several platforms.

Sony has confirmed that this investment is aimed at developing development programs in current studios such as Santa Monica Inc., the developer of the game God of War, or Guerrilla Games, the developer of the game Horizon: Forbidden West, and indicated that this investment is separate from recent acquisitions. .

The following statement was stated:

We plan to increase software development expenditures aimed at enhancing first-party software in our existing studios by about 40 billion yen [$308 million]. Going forward, we aim to grow the gaming business by promoting first party software and spreading this software on multiple platforms.

In addition to acquiring studios such as Bungie and Haven in recent years, we have significantly increased our investment in content development at our existing studios. As a result, the development of first-party software has increased at a high rate.

Sony didn’t say what the multi-platform intentions it was talking about, but we expect it’s likely referring to the PlayStation 4 and 5 co-release of its games such as Spider-Man: Miles Morales and God of War: Ragnorok, in addition to its latest project which is to launch PlayStation exclusives. on the PC.

Regardless, Sony knows all too well the great value of its first-party games, as it continues to increase its investment in its owned studios every year, as shown in the chart (below) that shows first-party sales growth in line with this increased funding. .

Sony still puts a significant portion of its budget toward expanding first-party studios by investing in them or acquiring new studios. There is constant talk of the company’s willingness to reveal a major acquisition taking place behind the scenes, which may soon be revealed.

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