PlayStation: We will need to reduce the budget and quality of our games in order to compete with Xbox Game Pass

PlayStation: We will need to reduce the budget and quality of our games in order to compete with Xbox Game Pass

Sony is still sticking to its position!

PlayStation believes it will need to reduce quality and budgets in order to release AAA first-party exclusives on the new PlayStation Plus service.

Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass has been a major factor in changing the rules of play in the industry in recent years. The monthly subscription service gives gamers access to hundreds of games at no additional cost and automatically allows users to play Xbox exclusives like Halo, Starfield, and more, on the first day of their launch, without having to purchase the game directly.

It’s a huge deal and has left many wondering if PlayStation will offer something that could rival this exciting service.

Earlier this year, Sony announced a new multi-level version of the PlayStation Plus service, which offers a library of games from the previous and current generations of PlayStation, but we will not witness the appearance of first-party games from the first day when they are launched in this service.

Sony Chief Financial Officer Hiroki Totoki said during his FY21 fourth-quarter earnings call with investors that he believes PlayStation will have to reduce its investment in AAA first-party games to be able to offer them as first-day titles on PlayStation Plus.

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Totoki added that he believes this will also “degrade” the quality of first-party games, something their brand has been proud of for decades.

Earlier, former CEO Sean Layden stated that video game budgets are becoming unsustainable and expressed skepticism about offering a model similar to Xbox Game Pass.

On the other hand, PlayStation wanted to provide something similar to what Microsoft offers in its monthly service, by re-presenting the PlayStation Plus service with three packages at varying prices and also varying content, culminating in the Premium package (Deluxe) that will allow subscribers to access a renewed game library that includes titles Great first and third party and independents issued over the current and past generation. In addition to the library of classic titles games released on PlayStation 1, 2, 3 and PS Vita.

This offer is perhaps the best that PlayStation can offer to compete with the Xbox Game Pass service at the moment. But Jim Ryan, head of Sony’s entertainment division, believes that attitudes may change in the future and we may see a new strategy from PlayStation to introduce its new titles from the first day of the new service.

What do you think of Sony’s stance on its exclusive AAA titles and the new PlayStation Plus service?

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