Let Me Solo Her team will get a special gift from developer Elden Ring

Let Me Solo Her team will get a special gift from developer Elden Ring

Because of their valuable assistance to the players in defeating the boss

Despite the release of the game two months ago, Elden Ring continues to be a unique phenomenon that continues to excel and innovate, as players venture into the world of The Land Between filled with excitement, mystery, terrifying bosses, and unlimited exploration.

Everyone knows perfectly well that the game is characterized by the extreme difficulty of many of its main leaders, led by the leader “Melina”, who suffers most of the players trying to defeat it, but it is said that less than half of the players who played the game were able to defeat it after dozens of attempts.

Of course behind every boss there is a helping hand, which is what distinguishes the game Elden Ring, but this time we will highlight the Let Me Solo Her collection that helps players to get past the often difficult bosses, which features a semi-naked fighter wearing a funny helmet, and more recently The group celebrated their victory over Melina for the 1,000th time during their career.

It seems that the developer Bandai Namco has noticed this and appreciated this wonderful effort, and thanked them, and most likely he will send a valuable gift to this group, and most likely it will be a statue or a distinct copy of the game.

From now on, it seems, we will not see any new help from this group, and that is the reason why they are satisfied at the number 1000 in defeating the leader Melina, and therefore do not expect anyone from the group to help you when you reach the place of fighting, so be prepared to die hundreds of times.

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