EA reveals plans to launch four unannounced titles in early 2023

EA reveals plans to launch four unannounced titles in early 2023

Today we witnessed a huge announcement by the publisher EA who made the final decision, in which he gave up the name FIFA, which he had owned for nearly three decades, in order to move to the new name EA Sports FC.

In conjunction with those events, EA revealed the list of upcoming games during the next fiscal year 2023, as the publisher is preparing to develop four unannounced game titles coming in the fourth quarter of next year, as this list was included in the “Q4” section in its presentation.

All of those titles were “hidden” with code names, which include work on a main title, as well as a remake or remake title, as well as a project it called Shrek, and a sports game, with EA making it clear that all of these titles have not been publicly disclosed. , so I used subliminal names.

But thanks to the leaks that we got in many previous times, which still include under the “rumors” item, we can imagine those titles that the company will hit in the fourth fourth of next year, which is likely to be Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order 2 as a main title. .

Informed journalist Jeff Grob indicated that Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order 2 may move to 2023, which strengthens the chances that this title is among those unannounced titles.

But the really interesting thing is the title of the Remake that the publisher referred to, and since Dead Space Remake has been announced, it remains quite confusing due to EA’s huge library full of classic titles.

In terms of sports, it’s really hard to guess what the title is, but journalist Tom Henderson believes it’s a team sports soccer game the company has been working on for some time.

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