EA doesn’t consider Battlefield 2024 to be an active game anymore.

EA doesn’t consider Battlefield 2024 to be an active game anymore.

It has been six months since the launch of Battlefield 2024, and since that time this game is facing very difficult times, as both the publisher and developer are trying so far to fix what can be fixed by issuing updates and modifications to satisfy the players, but it seems that these attempts have It began to appear as if it had gone unheeded.

Battlefield 2024 was subjected to many criticisms by critics, especially players who considered this part missing many of the basics of the famous shooting series. Therefore, the game witnessed a sharp decrease in the number of players in several stages, until it reached less than 700 simultaneous players who were monitored on the Steam store.

Apparently, publisher EA has begun to lose interest in this game, and proof of that is that it no longer considers Battlefield 2024 among its active games. On the other hand, the fifth part of it is among the most active games monitored by VG247

The specialists who appeared in the first advertisement for the game

The same source viewed the company’s document, which contained 18 pages in which Battlefield 2024 was not mentioned in any of them, despite the statements of the company’s CEO, Andrew Wilson to investors, in which he stressed that the publisher will continue to support the game and they will not abandon it. Half of the developer’s development team is working on fixing the game through continuous updates.

Informed journalist Tom Henderson indicated earlier that his internal sources confirmed that the company considered the game Warfield 2042 a mistake, despite the features that the game added such as specialists and some new things that we witnessed in the last part, and most players did not like it.

But there is still a great chance for the game to come back to life again if past predictions are correct about its imminent release on the Microsoft GamePass service, and this will give it a good boost in conjunction with the recent additions and modifications in addition to the reforms made by the developer.

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