A patent from Microsoft to convert Xbox physical games into digital copies.

A patent from Microsoft to convert Xbox physical games into digital copies.

A big step from Microsoft if it turns out to be a reality!

It seems that Microsoft is seeking to work on converting physical Xbox games (Blu-ray copies) into digital copies to work on their digital devices only.

This patent was monitored via GameRant, where players who own games on Blu-ray discs will be able to convert them to digital copies by using an external disc player through which they can confirm ownership of the games before converting them to digital copies and including them in their own game library on the device.

This step, if it actually happened, would be a smart and supportive step for the gamers’ audience, many of whom have many physical copies that they wish to transfer to their digital game library, especially those who move to digital devices such as the Xbox Series S.

Microsoft clearly seeks to make its various platforms the best place to play and for players as well, by providing attractive services and facilities to users, and if it manages to use this patent, it will be a new step in the right direction, especially with the hot competition with the PlayStation brand, which has begun to take new steps in the direction of extracting part Large market outside of the huge PlayStation community.

The emergence of this patent does not mean that the matter can turn into a reality, but we hope that Microsoft’s initiative will be the first to solve one of the biggest annoying problems facing the community of players, especially with the expansion of the digital market and the transformation of devices to full support for this market.

What do you think of the patent for converting physical Xbox games into digital copies?

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