Uncharted director confirms Nathan Drake is still in retirement

Uncharted director confirms Nathan Drake is still in retirement

And maybe the entire series too!

While we look forward to the return of the Uncharted series again, the director of the game, Neil Drogman, is appearing to hint that this wait may be long.

Today, on the occasion of the full 6 years since the release of the last part of the main series, Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End, some celebrated this anniversary on the Internet, and game director Drugman had a participation that may be disappointing for many fans of the character “Nathan Drake”.

Through his own Twitter account, Drogman hinted that the beloved hero would not be returning any time soon. He said:

Happy 6 year anniversary, Uncharted 4! Enjoy your retirement, Nate, you and your friends! We miss you all..

Fans of the game and fans of Nathan’s character believe that this is a clear hint from the game’s director that we will not see the return of this character any time soon. But could it be a hint that the series will not return as well, or is it just Nathan?!

Using the phrase “and your friends” is probably a clear indication that we won’t see a new Uncharted anytime soon, at least that’s what can be inferred from these statements by Drogman.

The end of the fourth part of the game made it clear that “Nathan Drake” had reached the end of the road in his adventure, which extended for four consecutive parts of the series. But it does not prevent the game from returning with a new championship, as happened with the sub-part Lost Legacy, and there are great discussions among the game’s audience that his daughter should return to complete her father’s adventures.

Recently, by announcing a recruitment to bring more developers to Naughty Dog studio, we had the belief that we would see a new comeback in the Uncharted universe in the future. Christina Marie Drake McBriti announced via LinkedIn that she joined the studio this month as a primary recruiter.

Through her account there, McBriti said she is looking for talent at every level, to build future teams not only to work on new projects but to continue the legacy of Uncharted as well.

It remains to be seen how long Nathan Drake and his friends will last in this retirement and will we see a real comeback of the series in the near future!

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