Sony is preparing to pump more PS5 into the market during the new fiscal year

Sony is preparing to pump more PS5 into the market during the new fiscal year

Increasing the amount of production by 56% from last year!

After sales of the PS5 fell short of Sony’s goals during the ending fiscal year, it seems that Sony will work to increase pumping quantities of the device during the new fiscal year to compensate for this decline.

Sony’s financial results report released this year showed some surprising and unexpected information about what the company intends to do. The number of PS5 manufactured shipments this year is set to increase by 56% over the previous count.

The results of the report for Sony this year showed an increase in demand for PS5 devices compared to the report of the company’s last fiscal year. Where it confirmed that it will increase the production of additional units of the device by 56% over the number previously scheduled to be shipped to countries around the world.

The company said that in March of last year and until last March of this year, it shipped 11.1 million copies of its PlayStation 5, and the demand for it is still so high that it expects with the increase in the mentioned production rate, it will not cover the great demand in global markets.

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The company expected to sell about 14 million devices from the device in its past fiscal year, but it did not achieve this goal due to the lack of manufactured electronic units. This resulted in a deficit of 3 million units. But in its current fiscal year, the company expects to sell more units than is really expected to make up for the agreement in meeting last year’s sales target.

The company will feel more comfortable now because it is scheduled to ship approximately 18 million units of the PlayStation 5 in the period between March of this year 2022, and until March of next year 2013, which will coincide with the end of its current fiscal year.

Sony Chief Financial Officer Hickori Totoki said through a special statement (cited by VGC) about the company’s plan to meet the high demand for the device by saying the following:

18 million units is what we feel very comfortable with that we can make and get the parts and components needed [during fiscal year 22].

In a previous news, the company talked about the PS Plus service and how it witnessed a decrease in the number of players and subscribers, saying that it is not worried about this decline, and that it places great hopes on the new PlayStation Plus service categories in raising and attracting players again.

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