New PS3 and PSVita updates disable account creation.

New PS3 and PSVita updates disable account creation.

The player will need a smartphone in order to create an account

Sony recently released new updates for the previous generation PS3 and PSVita portable device that cancel the way to create accounts.

The new update, which was released 4.89 on the PlayStation 3 and version 3.74 for the PlayStation Vita mobile device, also removes many account management settings, and the user needs a third-party device such as smartphones in order to recover the device’s password to log in.

Users who wish to set up accounts on those systems will also have to do so via a smartphone, a personal computer, or a tablet running an operating system.

It all comes as Sony is slowing down shutdown services for older systems in order to get rid of them and their costs, although over the past year the company has faced an extremely violent backlash from gamers over plans to shut down its PS3 stores and backtracked PS Vita digital stores. Later.

Sony removed the ability to purchase games using credit or debit cards on both platforms, and instead forced players to top up their digital wallets using a PC, PS4 or PS5.

It is now almost certain that this move is the last step in a set of measures that will eventually lead to the company closing the PlayStation Store on both platforms mentioned, but the timeline is not yet clear.

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