Ending Elden Ring in just 2 minutes.. and NPC’s reaction to it 不

Ending Elden Ring in just 2 minutes.. and NPC’s reaction to it 不

I never thought I’d write another story about the insane Elden Ring finish sprint again, as we thought 5 minutes would be the last thing the famous record-breaker Distortion2 would reach, but it’s way beyond that.

The talented player at discovering gaps and shortcuts Distortion2 recently finished the game in just two minutes and seven seconds!! Thus, breaking many other records that no expert and professional player in the field of Speed runner has so far been able to match or come close to.

As usual, the player uses shortcuts, skips the most unnecessary combat, and most of all makes good use of the game environment, and uses the bug that has not yet been fixed by Mega Zip Glitch in order to traverse much greater distances and faster than before.

Of course, this time we will share with you a very funny video of the reaction of the NPC or non-playable characters, when watching these Speed runners skip them and avoid their fight, while they are preparing to fight the player, they are surprised by their actions that are not programmed to deal with them, and of course the video was only taken out For fun and laughter.

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