BioWare is believed to have mistakenly revealed some details of Mass Effect 4

BioWare is believed to have mistakenly revealed some details of Mass Effect 4

Captain Shepherd is back!!

BioWare may have left some exciting details regarding the new Mass Effect 4 game, which is currently in development, leaking online.

It is known that the events of the next part of the game will take place after the events of the original trilogy of the series, in other words, it will be a complement to it, and beginning with the appearance of the well-known character Liara in the series in the presentation of the first reveal of the game. But it looks like we will also see the return of the main character, Captain Shepherd.

From a new batch of Mass Effect figures and merchandise for sale, it may have been revealed that the Commander Shepherd figure is also returning. YouTuber MrHulthen spotted it, with a product description:

While Shepard and the survivors are left to pick up what’s left, fans are left wondering what’s next..

Soon, however, this text attached to the product was changed, removing any mention of the Captain Shepherd character. Which makes us put many exclamation marks about it.

Did the developer feel the mistake he made by revealing the details of the game and quickly removed it, or is it not related to the events of the next part, but after it began to cause controversy on the Internet due to a misunderstanding, it was removed.

Without a burn-out to the trilogy’s story, Shepherd’s fate in Mass Effect 3 has been left somewhat mysterious. Mostly because the ending was a bit chaotic. But this opens the door for the developer to bring the character back in any way, and we wouldn’t be surprised to see BioWare doing it, at least to some extent.

Was this leak an unintended mistake from the developer, or did BioWare want to bring the game back to the fore by leaking information that could spark controversy, especially among fans of the series?

So far, there is no set date for the release of Mass Effect 4, or the next part, as BioWare calls it. But we know that its events will complement the events of the original trilogy.

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