A rendering of a Red Dead Redemption remake with Unreal Engine 5.

A rendering of a Red Dead Redemption remake with Unreal Engine 5.

But if it turns out to be a reality, Rockstar will use the unique RAGE engine

The Unreal Engine 5 graphics engine became very quickly popular with gamers and developers due to its power in detailing, which prompted one to imagine a Red Dead Redemption remake using the same engine.

One of the players from the content makers on the YouTube platform became a specialist in reimagining games by developing the Unreal Engine 5. His latest project was a remake of The Last Of Us game using the engine, which you can watch from here.

As for this YouTuber’s latest work, it is a visualization of the first Red Dead Redemption game remake using the same Unreal Engine 5, and to be honest, there is no better than this perception and such details. Soon, GTA 6 is under development.

The game is one of the most famous Rockstar titles, and recently there have been many rumors that we may see a remake of it in the near future, but there are no statements or even hints from the developer until the moment of writing this report. The game, in its first part, is a direct sequel to the second part, which was released in 2018, and its events took place before the events of the first part, and this is enough reason to re-develop the game with improved graphics.

In any case, if Rockstar wants to re-release the game with a remake, it will, of course, resort to using its distinguished engine, RAGE, in its ninth version, which we know it wants to compete with the new Epic engine. According to one of the leaks, it will show its true strength in the game GTA 6, which was confirmed by Rockstar recently.

Watch the video above, our followers, and tell us what you think of the capabilities of the Unreal Engine 5 in showing the details and bringing them closer to realism, especially the personal details of John Morriston, beloved by millions. Do you expect this part to return with a remake or remaster after 12 years of its release?

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