You won’t believe that this demo was made using Unreal Engine 5!!

You won’t believe that this demo was made using Unreal Engine 5!!

You will enter into a conflict with your mind to convince..

IPIC recently released the full version of its famous Unreal Engine 5, which received improvements equipped for the new generation of graphics and effects. Many international and amateur developers have already started moving their projects to the new engine.

The most prominent feature of the new version of the engine is the ease of use and the provision of ready-made models with the support of visual effects that simulate the realism greatly, thanks to the new Nanite and Lumen technology, which enables the developer to use fewer resources to build high-quality models and effects.

But what if this engine fell into the hands of people who are skilled in using the engine and are well aware of how to use its capabilities? This is what we will see in the video that was shared online and has seen a great deal of interaction so far.

This demo, according to our translation of the original Twitter post (watch the video below), was developed by a professional volunteer who rebuilt Etchu-Daimon Station in Japan’s Toyama Prefecture. From the first moment you will see the video, you will think that it is a real live scene filmed using a high quality camera.

This demo was fully developed using the Unreal Engine 5, where the result was impressive to the eye and to the mind, and you may enter into a secret conflict with your mind, which will not be able to accept the idea that this scene is a graphic design and not real.

We recall that the demo does not represent an upcoming game project, but rather a quick design using the distinctive Epic engine, where the developer has mastered the use of the capabilities of this engine and fully employed them to build a visual masterpiece that may give us an impressive look at the power of the new generation of players and graphics cards.

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