Watch 2 hours of updated quality Resident Evil 3 Remake on PlayStation 5

Watch 2 hours of updated quality Resident Evil 3 Remake on PlayStation 5

More than twenty years after the release of the original third part of the Resident Evil series, Capcom released Resident Evil 3 Remake two years ago, although it did not reach the success of the second remake, as some players expressed their indignation by giving it ratings that did not exceed 6.5 out of 10 on the Metascore website.

We all remember when Capcom announced that Resident Evil 2, 3 and 7 will be re-launched with improved versions on the new generation platforms, and players will be able to upgrade these games for free to anyone who owns any of them on the last generation platform.

And since the third part has outstanding graphics, we wanted to share with you a high-quality “4K” video clip that extends for more than two hours, showing the capabilities of the PlayStation 5 in playing the game in world quality style, with performance up to 60 frames per second, supported by HDR technology.

Of course, this will be an opportunity for those who have not played the third part to try it on the new generation, as the game will support and you will see ray tracing technology with support for 3D sounds on both PS5 and Xbox Series.

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