SoC for PlayStation 6 and Next Xbox is under development

SoC for PlayStation 6 and Next Xbox is under development

AMD has confirmed that the team that worked on the SOC processing unit for current generation devices, is attracting more developers to work on the next generation processors for the PlayStation 6 and the next Xbox.

The job listing has been published on LinkedIn via (OPAttack), and it discloses the following information:

“The team behind the chip found in current-generation PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series consoles with the latest graphics chip from the RDNA family is hiring for Markham in Canada for a next-generation chip development project!

We are currently looking for a SOC Verification Engineer who will be part of a team working on the next generation of complex SOC design. The successful candidate will play a key role in SOC verification to perform the following tasks of functional, strength, and performance aspects with a hardware simulation and simulation environment.”

According to the description, these new chips are being developed for the next generation of home appliances. But Sony, according to some leaks, is working on an improved version of the PlayStation 5, which is initially called the PlayStation 5 Pro, a mid-life device that we expect to be released after two or three years.

There is no doubt that work on the next generation platforms PlayStation 6 and the next Xbox has already begun within Sony and Microsoft. This is what happened with the PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series, which began working on it shortly after the launch of the last generation.

In any case, whatever is going on behind the scenes, we will not get any updates or details about the next generation platforms before the end of the current generation, which we expect will extend for 6 or 7 years.

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