One of the actors participating in the GTA series, hints at GTA 6 in his own way..

One of the actors participating in the GTA series, hints at GTA 6 in his own way..

it’s coming”

After Rockstar officially announced the game GTA 6, players are now beginning the most difficult period, which is waiting for any news regarding the date of the announcement or review, as well as the date of its launch.

Several well-informed sources have circulated the news of the possible return of GTA 6 to Vice City, one of the most sought after and desired cities by players. Many leakers also revealed some important information related to the tournament, the number of characters, style of play, and others. You can follow all these news from here.

The most important thing is what the hip-hop singer Krypto9095 hinted at on Twitter, where the latter began answering the players’ questions regarding his involvement in the next game of Rockstar, and whether he will be among the composers or actors in the next part. The singer only hinted more closely at the release of something new related to the game by saying that it is “coming” and reviewed some of the accessories given to him by Rockstar as we see below.

Not only was this the one who hinted about something coming soon related to the game, but also the rich Nitro 56, who responded to the singer’s tweet by saying that he is also a co-actor in the game and what makes it believable is the identity of this person and also his Twitter account that bears the mark The blue sign that it is a verified account.

Nyatro also answered the tweet of one of the players who asked him about the date of the game’s review, and the first responded by saying that he is ready, and this means that the date of the first presentation of the game is only a matter of time.

Also today, we obtained information through a document believed to be leaked through a Take Two presentation that reveals the release date of GTA 6 and other titles coming from the same publisher. You can see the details in this report.

Some believe that the game’s premiere will be revealed during Take Two’s expected earnings call in May, while others believe it will be revealed before the end of this year.

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