Dead Space Remake’s upcoming developer diary video will talk about creating scary moments.

Dead Space Remake’s upcoming developer diary video will talk about creating scary moments.

EA has announced the release of the developer’s diary video for Dead Space Remake, called “Crafting the Tension.” Where he will talk about creating difficult moments in the game that will be recreated in a better and deeper than before.

The new episode will be broadcast next Thursday, May 12th, at 8:00 pm Mecca time, via the company’s channels on YouTube and Twitch.

As part of EA’s ongoing deep dive behind the scenes development of the remake of Dead Space, the company has released several previous live streams, focusing on a specific aspect of the survival horror game. In previous videos I focused on sound design and physics, but the upcoming video will highlight the construction of the stressful moments that characterize the horror game.

According to EA, the developer’s live stream will take an in-depth look at various aspects of the upcoming game’s technical design. The team at Motive Studio will show early snapshots of how they’re taking advantage of the Frostbite engine, next-generation hardware, PC, visual evolution, recreated environments, characters, sound effects like lightning and more, and how they’ve been reworked into Dead Space Remake to create the new level of immersion and visual quality that new audiences have been waiting for.

The developer confirmed that the character’s voice, unlike the original game, will reflect the physical condition of the hero of the game Isaac, as the pronunciation of phrases and the way of speaking will vary according to the movement of the soul and its strength in the event that he is seriously or slightly injured.

Dead Space Remake will be released on the new generation platforms and the PC, but the game has not received, until the moment of writing this news, a launch date or time frame for that.

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