Call of Duty Mobile game surpasses 650 million downloads

Call of Duty Mobile game surpasses 650 million downloads

The game defeats the home and PC version!

Call of Duty Mobile has been downloaded over 650 million times on all digital stores.

Call of Duty Mobile game was first released in November of 2019, and the publisher stated during the month of May 2021 that the download of the game had reached more than 500 million downloads. In just one year, the number of players who downloaded the game increased to 150 million

In the publisher’s last annual report, in which I mentioned that the year 2021 for the game Call of Duty Mobile was an ideal and very successful year, as consumer spending exceeded millions of dollars and reached a billion dollars, and this great success led to the demand for the return of the game to Chinese digital stores that banned the game Over the past year, the company continued in its statement:

The number of players playing Call of Duty Mobile on mobile each month is roughly equal to or more than the number of players on console and PC in 2021.

This news comes in conjunction with the publisher Activision’s announcement that it is developing a new mobile version of Call of Duty Warzone Mobile that is supposed to be released during 2022, in cooperation with the new studios recently acquired by the publisher.

We would like to point out that every download made by any user around the world is counted by the company, and it does not necessarily mean that the player is still playing it.

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