Batman joins the popular tech demo The Matrix Awakens

Batman joins the popular tech demo The Matrix Awakens

Technical demo developed with Unreal Engine 5

Earlier, Epic Games revealed a technical demo for The Matrix Awakens, which is an advanced technology experience to show the capabilities and capabilities of the company’s new engine in its latest version, Unreal Engine 5, and is currently available on the consoles of the new generation PlayStation 5 and Xbox Seas.

During the last period, we saw how the Unreal Engine 5 was used in the design of many fan projects such as Spider-Man, Superman, and others, and this time it was the turn of Batman to break into the world of the demo of The Matrix Awakens and hit some policemen and villains as well.

The mod is the user of the JSFILMZ YouTube channel, and as part of the superhero projects, this mod has made some changes to Megacity in order for Batman to become a part of it, and have some basic fighting mechanics as you will see in the demos below.

Unfortunately, this mod is only available on the PC version of the recently released Awakens tech demo, and it is unknown when JSFILMZ will make this unique mod available to everyone.

We remind our followers that the technical demo was designed by members of the original film team, The Matrix, in cooperation with developers from Epic Games and other developers, to showcase the power of the new Unreal Engine 5.

Where the characters of the movie “Keanu Reeves” appeared with other heroes who appeared with designs and graphics closer to realism than ever before, and this gave us an insight into the future of video games and the graphics and capabilities of the new generation dazzling.

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