Unannounced Titanfall 3 appears for pre-order in an Amazon store

Unannounced Titanfall 3 appears for pre-order in an Amazon store

A number of players managed to reserve their copies of the game!

Titanfall 3 has not been announced yet, but it seems that the game is still coming one day, at least, through this sudden appearance in one of the global Amazon stores!

Some users on Reddit, quoting eXputer, were able to pre-order the game through the German Amazon store, and they even paid part of the game price to ensure that the pre-order copy was reserved.

Although the pre-order copy of the game container, as we can see in the image below, is not official, this is an indication of the presence of game data in the Amazon database. It even guarantees that the buyer will get the game by paying a deposit (deposit) for the reservation.

It’s worth bearing in mind, of course, that Titanfall 3 appeared on the list of games leaked from the extensive Nvidia GeForce Now database last year. This list, which has proven its accuracy by verifying many of the leaked advertisements through which it ranges from Chrono Cross Remaster to Grand Theft Auto Trilogy Remasters, has become a reliable and powerful guide that is used by media sites.

But if we go back to the developer studio of the game, Respawn Entertainment, he talked about his desire to work on a project for a third part of the wonderful series, but in his last statements last year, he confirmed that the game is not under development in any way.

The studio, of course, is currently busy working on Apex Legends content. In addition to working on a Star Wars game project that has not yet been announced.

But this does not mean that there is a part of the studio working initially on laying the basics of the game before moving to the full development process in the future. This is just an expectation from us, especially that Dale has become strong now with the presence of the game in some way.

Do you think Titanfall 3 already exists and will see the light of day one day?

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