The version of the Unreal Engine that appeared in 1995.. How far have we come?

The version of the Unreal Engine that appeared in 1995.. How far have we come?

A revolutionary shift witnessed by many generations

The recently launched Unreal Engine 5 is the first choice for developers who want to develop new generation games and take full advantage of its technical capabilities that will embody the smallest possible details, so that video games look more realistic than ever.

We’ve all seen the engine’s revolutionary potential through demos like The Matrix Awakens, as well as bits by Sony, Microsoft Studios, and many more game developers, even making its way to hobbyist developers to showcase Superman and Spider-Man among fan projects.

The Cycu1 channel on YouTube shared a demo of the Unreal Engine that was released in 1995 and the first game was developed on it, Mediaeval. It runs using Windows XP compatibility mode in order to function normally.

Earlier, Epic Games revealed its revolutionary Unreal Engine 5, and it was shown for the first time through the technical demo that was actually working on the PlayStation 5, and through what we saw from the technical presentations that showed amazing graphics and details that only indicate what we will see. during the new generation.

We also saw another demonstration of the power of the Unreal Engine 5 for the new generation PS5 and Xbox SX devices, which showed the capabilities of the engine from a visual point of view and in terms of ease of use by developers and the availability of all the necessary tools for that.

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