The recent Xbox Live network malfunction reveals one of the platform’s “flaws” and angers players.

The recent Xbox Live network malfunction reveals one of the platform’s “flaws” and angers players.

Microsoft must intervene and find a radical solution..!

A few days ago, the Xbox Live network was disrupted for unknown reasons, but this failure was widespread and affected many users around the world.

The malfunction caused users to be unable to log into the network, buy through the store, play group games, etc., but the most annoying problems that appeared with the network malfunction is the inability of users to play their own games, whether digital or physical, on Xbox.

Microsoft uses the DRM protection system to prevent games from being shared or played by non-essential users, but this system has flaws that are almost fatal, and they appeared annoyingly during the malfunction that occurred yesterday.

What is a DRM system?

Digital rights management (DRM) is the use of technology to control and manage access to copyrighted material. Another meaning of DRM is to take control of digital content away from the person who owns it and to have a dedicated computer system control it completely.

Microsoft worked quickly to fix the Xbox Live network, which was done in a gradual way, starting with addressing the problem of buying from the store and playing over the network and ending with enabling users to play their owned games on Xbox.

But the matter did not end here, as objections and criticism began sweeping the Internet after the emergence of this problem, which prevented many users from playing games they own on Xbox platforms and they paid their value out of their own money in order to own and play them at any time they wish. And the presence of a system such as DRM that prevents playing these games in the event of a network failure for any reason is unacceptable and unacceptable by many.

This system is not used on PlayStation platforms and many PC games, but Microsoft applies it fully to all Xbox games and applications that are fully linked with the Xbox Live network, where the content is checked before playing any game or application and to ensure compliance with the terms of intellectual property and licensing rights.

But imagine if this network was subjected to a cyber attack or malicious hack and caused it to be down for a long time? This means that the Xbox that you have in your living room will turn into a useless box as playing any game or application you own on this device requires you to connect to the Xbox Live network.

Everyone remembers the failure of the PlayStation Network in 2011, when the network stopped for several months, but this did not prevent users from playing their games on PlayStation 3 devices and enjoying them until the problem was fixed. But this will not happen if the Xbox Live network is exposed to such a hack or a long-term failure.

This may be a sign or a sign for Microsoft to act quickly and modify the security system or get rid of it by resorting to a different new system that does not prevent users from playing their games that they own on their precious devices.

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