Fragments of politics and its ideas in the world of video games

Fragments of politics and its ideas in the world of video games

The video game industry is a mirror that reflects reality in its sweetness and harshness

The video game industry is a mirror that reflects reality with its sweetness, cruelty and meanings. It is the ideology of this age. Whoever would have imagined that it would touch our hearts to the point of being very attached to a particular game, and whoever would have imagined that we were weeping for the death of non-existent characters, what magic would have this effect on us.

As the development of technology has played a major role in this industry to provide us with impressive content in the recent period, and with this development there have been games that put themselves in society to become a central issue over which opinions fight and the masses are divided between supporters and opponents, and as technology develops, so do humans as well, but from bad to worse, Creativity was refuted in order to please money and its power. Here are our favorite companies that sacrifice our beloved games to offer them as an offering to pseudo-communities and to satisfy governments that are a source of terrorism and corruption. Based on the games of the last decade, we have witnessed the emergence of clear political ambitions, so are there opportunities to develop a counter-position within this industry.

Let’s choose

Like any political propaganda, video games have become part of it, as they have been exploited for political positions and to attract a large segment of society to the ballot boxes, and activists and politicians have also used games to raise awareness of their concerns. And Breonna Taylor and other victims of police violence, and US Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez toured Animal Crossing with personal messages and players putting up campaign posters for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.

And this wasn’t the first time, as Barack Obama preceded them in doing so and is considered the first to use video games in his campaign. Virtual billboards (a platform that allows you to link ads directly to the network) showed its popularity in 18 famous games such as NBA Live 08, Burnout Paradise and on Campaigns consultant van der Laar told DW:

We had an incredibly smart campaign team, we were so well funded in the 2008 election campaign that we had the financial freedom and ability to try things like that, ads in games are a nice trick

As Reinhard Klimt (German politician) stated that there is huge political potential which is a complex mixture of political messages with the entertainment values ​​of games.

Media war from newspapers to video games

Have you ever sat in deep thought about how to control this world? What is the best way to do this? The answer is simple, you do not need nuclear weapons or a mighty army. All you have to do is plant an idea, and the idea is more dangerous than weapons. This is what you will find throughout the history between political conflicts, from newspapers to video games.

At the end of the nineties, Red Alert appeared, a strategy game that conveys the conflict between the Soviet Union and the Allied countries, punctuated by many hidden and political messages that you receive without feeling them. The purpose is to show the armies of some countries that they are the strongest, and other armies are a shortcut to defeat.

This was not the first game of a political nature that dominates the game, as there is the “sacred defense” of Hezbollah to fight those they described as “takfiris,” as well as “Salil al-Sawarim.” It is nothing but a ploy from ISIS to instill their ideas, or as they describe it, “raising the morale of the mujahideen and training children and adolescents.” on fighting Western and regional coalition forces,” as well as the Israeli conflict coincided with ISIS, where dozens of games were launched by the Israelis, including “Kill the terrorist” to incite children to kill what they described as “Palestinian saboteurs.” In return, the Palestinians developed several games to address these ideas, most notably “Liberation of Palestine” and as usual, the lack of support always stands in front of the Arab developer.

And did the story end here, of course not? It was not enough to occupy and kill you, but to convey the suffering of your killing to the whole world, and this is what we all know about the state of the sleeping giant. to terrorist forces.

If you are familiar with history, you will find that America is often neutral between the two sides between the good and the bad, but it always reviews the good side of it for political reasons.

Money then money then money

I still remember those good days filled with the sweetest moments with games like Crazy Taxi, Street Fighter II, GTA Vice City, Disney’s Hercules, etc. where the games were the fun and the beautiful stories free from political and agenda projections. When you finish each of them, you are completely satisfied with it, no matter how negative its negatives are, unlike what is witnessed in our time, there are only a few of them, because the large number of production reduces the quality.

In the past years, we have noticed the emergence of groups, including the so-called LGBTQ community, feminism, and others, invading the world, starting with slogans, articles, cinema, games and even children, these innocent buds to attract them that the marriage of a man to a man is from nature and that equality between men and women reaches the point of procreation, Not only that, but the matter reached the school curricula in the West. It no longer used “he” or “she.” Instead, “them” was put as an indication of the abundance of sexual diversity.

This is what we noticed in the major game companies, so we are in dire need of memorable characters such as Ezio from the Assassin’s Creed series, which changed the course of the series and the gender of the character as a kind of moral support for these communities, as well as Fortnite and its agenda and even Sony in The Last of US 2.

The matter did not stop here, as they reached the point of distorting history and adding gay personalities that did not exist in that era, such as Masako Adachi from Ghost of Tsushima, and not only that, but even small Andy games directed to all groups, including children, were subject to the agenda such as Night In The Woods And many others, all for the sake of money, as they have been exploited well, and the result is record numbers on the material and technical level.

Finally, will the developers correct political thought. Games are for fun in the first place, and fun does not exist without the confidence of the community of players. Trust and honesty are two qualities that distinguish an elite of people from others, as they are as heavy as a ship’s anchor and as large as sunlight at noon.

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