Bethesda reveals a new image of the Starfield game…


Bethesda reveals a new image of the Starfield game…

Bethesda game fans are waiting for Xbox players to wait for its upcoming exclusive project, Starfield, a science fiction and RPG game, and now we get a new artistic image from within the game.

In previous news, the developers of the Starfield game said that they borrowed the game heavily from the work and projects of NASA astronomy and that they want to follow in the same direction, and this is exactly what they want players to sense and indeed what proves that the game will follow this US government organization is Bethesda’s celebration global space.

We shared the official game account on Twitter with a new artistic image from within the game on the occasion of World Space Day. The image shows us one of the characters in a cave-like area belonging to one of the outer planets, accompanied by an assistive drone, as we see below.

But the most prominent content of the image is the words of the game director Todd Howard, who said the following:

For Starfield, everyone starts by saying what you want to do, what it means to you to go into space, everyone agrees on one sentence, “I want to see what’s out there.” The destination is outside the globe.

With this artistic image and this statement from the director, we conclude that the game may be a simulation of space and adventures outside it, or it may not be, but it may provide an unparalleled experience in the world of games with regard to space science and quote it well within the games.

The game will give us an open world and the freedom to move through space and planets in a vast exploration process full of excitement and adventure.

In previous news, one of the game’s former developers stated that it is in a difficult situation graphically, especially flight mechanics, as well as its graphics engine is broken, but there is no official evidence yet for his words.

Starfield is set to be released exclusively on the new generation Xbox Series X | S and PC on the eleventh of November (11) of this year, your expectations for it..?

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