Xbox will bring Game Pass to TVs

Xbox will bring Game Pass to TVs

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Microsoft’s premium service Game Pass is one of the services that players liked the most, and the company is trying to bring it to all devices connected to the Internet through cloud broadcasts, so will the future of games be limited to broadcasting?

Microsoft is seeking to improve the Xbox Game Pass service and bring it beyond just consoles and a personal computer, so the company stormed the streaming services market in order to make it easier to access cloud games over time, in order to reach the largest number of players.

A new report from GamesBeat confirms that Microsoft plans to release a streaming device similar to the Amazon Fire Stick or a Roku-like tablet within the next year at the latest.

Where we heard over the past year that Microsoft entered into a partnership with Samsung in order to provide the service to its Android devices, but without specifying a specific date for its launch, but this partnership is still working on the Samsung TV application that will allow users to broadcast cloud games directly on their TVs without any additional hardware.

We remind our followers that Microsoft was planning to bring Xbox cloud games to connected TVs over the past summer, and has confirmed on more than one occasion that it is working with global smart TV manufacturers to embed the Xbox Live experience in connected TVs.

All of this comes within the new initiative “Xbox Everywhere”, which last week saw the release of its first free title, the Battle Royale Fortnite game.

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