These things will make you lose the warranty of your PlayStation 5..

These things will make you lose the warranty of your PlayStation 5..

What are the things that invalidate the guarantee and the things that do not invalidate it?

When Sony revealed the PlayStation 5, it made it possible to disassemble and change or even install accessories through users without the need to return to the competent authorities, but some users may go too far in changing some internal parts in the device, which may cause the loss of the warranty of the device.

Here in this report, we will talk with you about the things that may cause the guarantee to be lost when changed or tampered with, and others that can be changed without affecting the validity of the guarantee.

In its previous devices, Sony used to put a plastic warranty sticker on the outer sides of its devices, which could not be opened without tearing the device. Then, if you think about removing the device, you will lose the warranty directly, but in the PlayStation 5, Sony did not resort to the same trick where the warranty sticker was placed in an area Specific features inside the device, which we will discuss later, while Sony provided the opportunity to remove the covers of the device and access some components without losing the warranty.

Warranty sticker places on the regular PlayStation 4

For example, installing an SSD disk for expansion through the designated place inside the device will force the user to open the outer cover to access it. Of course, the user will not lose the guarantee of replacing or repairing the device in the event of any manufacturing failure as long as this failure was not the cause of improper use of the device.

Also, one of the most important things that users think about reaching for cleaning or even changing it in the future is the cooling system fan that can be accessed by simply lifting the cover of the device. The good news here is that cleaning or even changing the fan with another of the same type will not affect the warranty of the device, but provided that no Cause breakage or disruption of any of the connectors or components of the device during this.

As we mentioned previously, the external warranty sticker has been canceled on the PlayStation 5 devices, but there are two stickers on the device in the event that they have been tampered with or removed, so say goodbye to the warranty forever, and here are the locations of these stickers.

Warranty sticker locations on the PlayStation 5
1- The first warranty sticker is the serial number sticker, which is located on the outer bottom side of the device. This sticker is not damaged if the device is completely disassembled, but if you accidentally remove it by hand, this means the device warranty has expired.

2- The second warranty sticker is inside the PlayStation 5 device that covers one of the tightening screws of the device and can be accessed by removing the right cover of the device as you can see in the picture below, although some parties say that removing this sticker and unscrewing the screw under it does not affect the warranty. In the event that the device is offered for maintenance, whether it has been fully opened or not, but we advise not to tamper with this label if you want to ensure the continuation of the warranty.

These are the most important important points that show you how to access the PlayStation 5 from the inside without canceling the warranty, and the other that affects the warranty of the device.

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