Take-Two CEO bonus is directly related to microtransactions

Take-Two CEO bonus is directly related to microtransactions

There is no doubt that loot boxes and microtransactions have become an effective means for giant game development companies to dramatically double their net profits in the last four years, and it would be no different that both 2K and EA represent a bad model in this regard.

Many times we hear unconvincing justifications related to the addition of microtransactions within games, specifically games that are bought at a certain price, whether 60 or 70 dollars, including that developing games has become very expensive and needs to invest more money and so on.

But the fact that players don’t make it is that much of that money, whether in “Shark Cash Cards” or VCs, goes into the pocket of Take-Two publisher CEO Strauss Zelnick, according to a new report from Axios.

The report indicates that CEO Strauss Zelnick, who has extended his contract and will remain at the head of the company until 2029, receives a large bonus based on micro-transactions, which includes a certain part of his contract called “recurring consumer spending”, which means that he deserves a large bonus whenever games like GTA receive Online and NBA 2K are a lot of microtransactions.

If microtransactions exceed a certain threshold, Zelnick will earn millions of dollars in stock rewards, as the company’s financial history indicates profits of more than half a billion dollars during the past few quarters, which makes us wonder where that huge money goes, is it in Create new engines and titles? Or in the pockets of managers?

I won’t exaggerate that the company bears a large part of the moral responsibility towards its loyal customers, but many players also need to wait and calm down and think carefully and even pay more money after purchasing the game, for certain outfits or a ridiculous package.

However, the European video game age rating organization PEGI said over the past year that it was “fully aware” that NBA 2K20 was moving closer to teaching players to gamble after it received a complaint about a controversial trailer where publisher Take-Two’s 2K company released a teaser for the game. NBA 2K20 on YouTube Highlight the casino elements of the game such as playing with mini slot machines, using the wheel of fortune and the like.

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