Resident Evil Re: Verse is still alive by monitoring its rating

Resident Evil Re: Verse is still alive by monitoring its rating

Monitor its rating on the Stadia platform

One of the most awaited by fans of multiplayer horror games and the Resident Evil series is the game Resident Evil Re:Verse announced during the series’ 25th anniversary event.

Resident Evil Re: Verse is a third-person co-op PvP game developed by the Japanese company Capcom, that will pit players against each other in the form of two groups, in which they can choose between many famous characters from the series such as Chris Redfield, Claire Redfield, Jill Valentine and others, in addition to the well-known bosses Nemesis, Mr. X, and others.

It was assumed that everyone who purchased the Resident Evil Village game, which was released in May of last year, will get in return a free copy of the cooperative game Re: Verse, but it was postponed for many reasons, and then the second delay that the company announced until this year 2022 came without Set a specific date.

These constant delays led to low interest in the game, and the lack of any kind of update or new information from Capcom leading many to believe that the project had been abandoned, until it came to forgetting and waiting for additional content for the eighth part of the game.

But hope is back again through the ESRB rating for the Stadia platform version of the game, as Gematsu pointed out, so it is likely that we will see a new announcement soon.

More about the game
One of the distinguished things in Re:Verse is the virus samples that can be collected in the game and that you will get in some places on the map. You collected in the game, and this extends from a small monster to one of the giant “Tyrant” monsters

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