A new source confirms that Sony is preparing to acquire Square Enix

A new source confirms that Sony is preparing to acquire Square Enix

Is Square Enix Split Between Sony and Embracer Group?

Giant Embracer Group’s acquisition of a large portion of Western Square Enix studios such as Crystal Dynamics, Eidos Montreal and Square Enix Montreal for just $300 million comes as a surprise, but will Sony be interested in acquiring what’s left of the company?

A few days ago, Jeff Grubb shared with us his information about the acquisition of Square Enix studios, which he indicated may be an attempt by the latter to make itself more “fluid” and ready for the acquisition, and it will be an appropriate opportunity to facilitate its sale to Sony, the “lucky one.”

A short while ago, through the PS I Love You program on the Kinda Funny Games channel, reliable media reporter Greg Miller confirmed that he had seen several sources confirming that the acquisition of the publisher Square Enix will go to Sony.

If this deal takes place, this means that Sony will abandon large and distinctive titles that were under the command of Square Enix, such as Tombrideer, Deus X, and others. Fantasy.

We also learned that publisher Square Enix no longer wants to spend more big money on AAA games, and wants to focus more on blockchain, Final Fantasy games and other live service and service games, but the question remains here, what is Sony’s need for Square Enix as long as it no longer owns its largest studio?

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