A malfunction in the Xbox network causes some people to fail to play games.

A malfunction in the Xbox network causes some people to fail to play games.

The problem still persists in some areas

Since last night, the Xbox network has started facing an expanding malfunction that reached many users around the world, this malfunction caused many users to be unable to play their games on different Xbox devices.

Server issues were first identified by Microsoft’s support team at 11:46 PM ET on Friday, when they announced that they were aware that some users were unable to purchase games, play games, or start cloud gaming sessions.

Microsoft appears to have fixed the game purchase issue within a few hours, but all affected users were again unable to play purchased games or start cloud gaming sessions until about 12 hours later.

At the time of this news release, the Xbox support account on Twitter confirmed that some users are still unable to access media streaming apps like Netflix and Disney.

The reason why these applications stop working reveals the problem of online digital rights management, as these systems can sometimes prevent users from using the applications they purchased due to a network or Internet malfunction.

Since the network stopped working gradually and caused the inability of some users to play games, some criticized the matter. Microsoft stuck to the DRM protection system, which blocks the applications and games the user purchased with his own money from working due to internet outages or a malfunction on the part of Microsoft. Where someone said:

What if Xbox Live is down for a week due to a major hack? Then no one can play their own digital games. I have a lot of respect for Microsoft, but the DRM is bad.

Stay tuned for more updates if you find anything new, and until then you can follow the status of Xbox Network through the following link in your area of ​​residence.

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