5 improvements we hope to see in the unannounced PlayStation 5 Pro so far..

5 improvements we hope to see in the unannounced PlayStation 5 Pro so far..

Real 4K with 60 frames per second has become a must..!

It may be too early to talk about the release of a copy of the PlayStation 5 Pro, which is supposed to have stronger specifications than the current console, as was the case with the release of the PlayStation 4 Pro.

While the PlayStation 5 is entering its second year, despite the severe shortage of availability. Many gamers still can’t buy it, and based on what we’ve been through over the past generations of the company’s hardware, all indications are that a PlayStation 5 Pro, or a PlayStation 5 Slim, or both, will be out by the end of next year.

5 features we hope to see in PlayStation 5 Pro
But the question arises here, what can Sony do to make the PS5 Pro stand out from the current version besides raising the level of power? Here are 5 features that we hope Sony will take into account in the mid-life version of the current generation.

1) Smaller size, no curves and prominent edges

Without a doubt, the design of the PlayStation 5 is one of the most elegant designs we have seen among consoles. However, it is often impractical due to its large size, in addition to the protruding ends that often become annoying. It is difficult to place it on relatively narrow shelves.

We were all fascinated by the device’s sleek and prominent design, but over time we got used to the shape, and the design of the Xbox Series X and its smaller brother became more practical when placed either horizontally or vertically with the smaller size.

It will be interesting to see what the new design of the device will look like, whether the PlayStation 5 Pro or the PS5 Slim. This is because Sony has come back to its revolutionary designs when moving to the next stage of the generation, as happened with previous generations.

2) More storage space

The PlayStation 5 was released with an NVMe SSD drive with a relatively small size of 825 GB. Unfortunately, only about 667 GB of usable space. Even with the “Kraken” file compression system that the device features to make games smaller, unfortunately it did not completely solve the storage problem.

The need for a full 2TB drive on the new system has become an inevitable necessity, due to the ever-increasing volume of games and the number of constant updates. For example, if you download Cyberpunk 2077 and Call of Duty in full, as well as Destiny 2, you may not find enough space to download another game with them.

3) Easier to expand storage space

Sony enabled gamers to add additional NVMe storage. By opening the cover of the device, using a screwdriver, and placing it carefully. With the need to purchase a third-party engine equipped with a heat-cooler, and this will increase costs undesirably by many players.

So why not be as simple and easy as the Xbox Series X | S. All you have to do is connect the driver (preferably Sony’s) to the back of the device without going into other details. But Sony’s technical justifications are still not convincing, and this method must be eliminated in the next device.

4) DualSense quality improvement

Yes, the new DualSense wireless controller that was released with the device is revolutionary, and it has the best capabilities among its counterparts among other companies. Whether in terms of haptic feedback and Adaptive Trigger, or ergonomic design, didn’t Sony think it all came at the cost of battery life?

The most annoying thing about DualSense players is the relatively short battery life, so seeing a longer battery life with the possibility of changing it would be the best thing the company could do to solve the problems of the new DualSense wireless controller.

5) Native 4K clarity at a higher frame rate is not an option between the two.

As 8K resolution becomes a necessity in gaming, the PlayStation 5 does not satisfactorily support true 4K HD. It is most likely optional and at a fixed frame rate that does not exceed 30 frames per second, so that some games have even given you 6 options or playing modes, all of which do not meet the players’ ambitions enough, so why not support high definition with high definition 4K real and at a rate high tires?

In order to achieve this, the PlayStation 5 Pro must have the necessary technical specifications in order to do so. Like having an AMD Zen 4 5nm all-in-one APU based on RDNA 3 technology, these are unofficial specs. We expect to see a lot of games jumping to 120fps, although this will make the console price expensive, but in the end it will target a certain category of players.

And you, our followers, what are the things that you would like to have in the next improved device?

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