Support for VRR technology in PS5 has not reached the level of Xbox Series X

Support for VRR technology in PS5 has not reached the level of Xbox Series X

Technical support on the Sony device is still not complete..!

After the VRR technology became available on the PS5, the Digital Foundry team tested the performance of games on the device and compared it to the Xbox Series X version, which has supported the same technology since its launch.

According to John Lineman, the performance of games on the Microsoft console with VRR support has outperformed the performance of the same games on PS5. According to both John Lineman and Alex Battaglia, the reason why VRR support on PS5 has not reached the level of its competitor, is due to the lack of technology Low Frame Compensation (LFC), a feature that maintains VRR frame rates in the event of a drop in game performance.

According to the team’s statements, this does not mean that the support for VRR in the Sony device did not live up to the required level, as the performance of games on screens supporting this technology has become better and is a very welcome addition.

Here’s a more in-depth explanation of the limitations and benefits of VRR on PS5 – it’s not on par with PC or Xbox but still a welcome addition.

John Lynman

A number of games have already been updated to support VRR, the most prominent first-party studio that has been quick to do so is Insomniac Games, which has added support for technology in games such as Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart and Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales.

Sony is still working on expanding the range of games that can take advantage of VRR technology in the PS5, while regarding the absence of Low Frame Compensation (LFC) technology, although we don’t know much about it, Sony may be working on adding it through a future update presented to the PS5.

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