Microsoft exclusive Avowed Developed with Unreal Engine 5

Microsoft exclusive Avowed Developed with Unreal Engine 5

There is no doubt that the Avowed game, exclusive to Microsoft, developed by Obsidian studio, has caught the eye from the moment it was revealed after it was announced in July 2020.

We haven’t gotten any new details regarding this exciting title for a long time, but since news of the game is gradually starting to appear, it suggests that things are going well, and there is no fear of something like that being canceled.

The latest game news that was spotted by the Reddit community, which showed that studio Avowed developer Obsidian Entertainment is developing the game on Unreal Engine 5, which was revealed through the LinkedIn page of developer Aaron Dubois, the chief official in the development of visual effects “VFX” at development studio.

Although this remains only a very likely possibility, but we remember that Obsidian Entertainment has appeared among the studios working on Unreal Engine 5 projects, although the developer has not yet confirmed, and since the game is far from the release, we do not expect any official announcement on this topic in the near future.

Set in the world of Pillars of Eternity, Avowed is a first-person action RPG that will have multiple game modes, and draw inspiration from its sword-in-hand and magic-handed combat system like The Elder Scrolls Skyrim games.

Players will be able to use two weapons at the same time, meaning a mixture of magic by casting combat spells. The other hand will use the weapon, and the game is still in the pre-production stage, or specifically in the “pre-alpha” stage, according to the informed source, and is close to obtaining a copy. early ones.

The game will include Pillars of Eternity-like spells such as Jolting Touch, Fireball and Fetid Caress, as well as a variety of weapon charms, and possibly Pillars-style guns, as well as creatures such as Xaurips and Drakes..

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