Fortnite returns to Apple devices that support iOS operating systems

Fortnite returns to Apple devices that support iOS operating systems

It’s been years since iOS users were denied access to the popular battle royale game Fortnite after it was removed from Apple’s digital store.

We also witnessed years of intense legal battles between Apple and Epic Games over the legality of the alternative payment system that Epic tried to impose on the Apple digital store, which takes 30% of the value of purchases incurred by players.

Since that time, Fortnite is still officially missing from mobile devices, although it has found an unofficial way to ensure its survival on Android phones, but it is difficult on iOS devices, but this seems to be a thing of the past. .

Epic Games and Microsoft are collaborating to fully run and support Fortnite through the Xbox Cloud Gaming service, which is now available to play on PC and even iOS and iPad devices via the cloud streaming service.

All you will need in order to play the game is to create a Microsoft account and an iOS device or even a Windows computer with an Internet connection in order to start playing through the browser, as it has been confirmed that there is no need to subscribe to the Xbox Game Pass service, because it is available in Free on Xbox Cloud Gaming.

We remind players that it was previously announced that Fortnite will return to iOS and Android devices via the GeForce Now app on Android devices, and through GeForce Now via the Safari browser on iOS devices.

And through a report released earlier, it became clear that Epic has been working on this “legitimate” cheat method in order to bring the game to iOS devices since 2020, days after the game was banned on Apple and Google Play stores.

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