FEDRA appears in the latest leaked video from the set of The Last Of Us…

FEDRA appears in the latest leaked video from the set of The Last Of Us…

Leaked videos from the filming locations of The Last Of Us continue to appear, as certain scenes are literally taken from the game, and now we get another video that proves the presence of the FEDRA group in the series.

Early this year, HBO announced the postponement of the show, The Last Of Us, until next year, after it was scheduled to be shown after the first half of this year. Compare the accuracy of his quote from the game.

A few days ago, we got a video of a scene in the series that shows us that Eli’s character will be an assistant to Jules’ character, just as in the game, and now we get a video showing us the FEDRA group in the series, which was present in the game, as we see below through one of the Twitter accounts.

Above we watch a scene from the series in which people are cursing and demonstrating against the FEDRA group. It seems that we will know the history of this group and how it was formed in the series, and this was confirmed to us previously, as the series will work in a manner compatible with the game so that he will not only quote it but also complete its events and through it we will get to know the characters New and events that occurred after the second part and others before the first part.

After the success of the movie Uncharted, hopes remain high that we will witness the same success of the series, which puts a second series of the most powerful PlayStation series on the silver screen.

What are your expectations for the success of the series, and will it be the most successful series adapted from a game at all..?

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