Call of Duty fans, PlayStation Plus offers you a free gift, don’t miss it..

Call of Duty fans, PlayStation Plus offers you a free gift, don’t miss it..

The package is now available for download for a limited time

A few days ago, Sony launched the free monthly PlayStation Plus games that are now available for download, but the Call of Duty fans who subscribe to the service still have more to get!

Activision and Sony collaborated this month to bring a new set of items to both Call of Duty: Vanguard and Call of Duty: Warzone players. These items are completely free to download for PS Plus subscribers and are compatible in all versions of each game on both PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.

Many of the accessories in this bundle are rather simple, with the biggest element being offered is Padmavati Balan’s legendary ‘Skin’ look.

List of all Call of Duty bonus content available for download for PlayStation Plus subscribers:
Legendary appearance of Padmavati Balan
LMG Legendary Weapon Diagram
SMG Legendary Weapon Diagram
Distinctive logo
Watch Featured
Charm Featured
Premium calling card
Double XP for 60 minutes
You can access and download this content through the Arab PlayStation Store here and the American PlayStation Store here.

Obviously, this freebie for PlayStation Plus subscribers might not be encouraging for many, especially those who don’t play Vanguard or Warzone. However, given how popular these two games are, it’s likely that a large number of monthly subscribers will happily be able to redeem these in-game items for themselves. It may also prompt many to return to Vanguard or Warzone in conjunction with the arrival of Season 3.

Although the PlayStation Plus service is heavily associated with the free games that are offered every month, it is good to see Sony continue to partner with third-party publishers for a collaboration like this. We hope that such cooperation will continue, especially with Activision, which is now owned by Microsoft.

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