“Brikha” is a promising AAA Arabic game developed by the Saudi studio Addu

“Brikha” is a promising AAA Arabic game developed by the Saudi studio Addu

Promising Arab game

A while ago, we were surprised by the announcement of the mysterious and exciting horror game “Brekha”, which game developer Abdullah Al Balushi shared with us teasing photos a few days ago, and today the official announcement of the game with an interesting and exciting show.

The game is developed by the Saudi studio Addu Studio, directed and designed by the talented Abdullah Al Balushi, and the developer Fawaz Ishaq who specializes in 3D graphics.

Brija game, as described by the studio Rain, is a new psychological horror game from the perspective of the first person, and the story takes place in the city of Jeddah in a slum, and was developed using the Unreal Engine development engine.

As you saw in the show, the atmosphere of the game is completely inspired by the popular neighborhoods, and it was embodied very accurately as we saw in the game show, which appears to be from within the game engine in Engine, in addition to the sounds and atmosphere of psychological horror that is expected to focus on the investigation of a secret sect. It has forbidden rituals, and you as the hero play the role of a detective who gets entangled in this sinister neighborhood.

لعبة بريخا
لعبة بريخا

The game development team, through the official website of the game, has a message to all Arab players, developers and investors that:

We are an independent work team, we aspire to create and develop purposeful fun games of high quality that are able to leave a strong imprint in the hearts of players, and we realize the magnitude of the challenges in developing games, but we believe in the possibility of success

Addu . team

If this game succeeds and lives up to our expectations, it will be the first Arab AAA game to make a strong mark in the global market for video games, as the game will be released on PC through Steam and on PlayStation and Xbox.

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