An informed source talks about the launch date of the first presentation of Modern Warfare 2.

An informed source talks about the launch date of the first presentation of Modern Warfare 2.

It will be followed by the unveiling of Warzone 2.

Last week, we were on a date with teasers related to Modern Warfare 2, the next part of the Call Of Duty series this year, after a series of rumors, but when will it be revealed?

The developers of the Call Of Duty series are known for their expected and semi-fixed dates for the unveiling of their games, but with regard to the date of unveiling the upcoming Modern Warfare 2 game from the Infinity Ward studio, the date may be at the end of this month or the beginning of next month, as revealed by one of the reliable sources.

Where he mentioned the unveiling of the first Modern Warfare game, which was released in 2019 on the 30th of this month, and it is widely expected that the date of the second part will be revealed on the same date or a few days later, since we got the official game logo a few days ago, as we attached in the news former.

The famous and trusted media reporter, Tom Henderson, published a report on the Exputer website, in which he said that he had obtained information indicating the date of the game’s unveiling. Ward in June. The reveal is expected to be in the form of a campaign trailer (story) with impressive cinematic scenes.

Sources have also suggested that the story mode is also expected to be shown at an event that was supposed to take place at E3, which likely means Summer Games Fest 2022.

That’s not all, as some sources also say that the unveiling of Warzone 2 will follow the reveal of the original game, and it will be in August of this year. The game will introduce a new mode called “DMZ”, which is an extraction-based mode whose idea is similar to that of Escape From Tarkove.

A rumored DMZ mode that will drop a team of players into a massive battle royale-sized battle map and give them a target to reach across the other side of the map. On the way to the goal players will come into contact with a large number of AI enemies and will have to use their special tactics, equipment and weapons to fight their way to the goal.

Finally, the expected release date is between October and November of this year based on the studio’s release dates for its previous games in the series, which were mostly fixed without change.

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