Trusted Source: You haven’t seen everything about Bloodborne yet and it’s not finished

Trusted Source: You haven’t seen everything about Bloodborne yet and it’s not finished

News of Bloodborne is back in the arena again, as fans are waiting to announce a remake of the game or a second part, and it seems that hope is still there after an exciting statement from a well-known source.

During one of the episodes of Sacred Symbols, and during the ranking of the top 25 titles released on the PlayStation 4, the game Bloodborne, loved by millions, appeared. In the episode, the well-known media personality Colin Moriarty, the former editor of IGN, said when he watched the game that the players did not see everything and the last thing it would offer after the game, in reference to a hint about something related to it.

Moriarty has become a prominent landmark in the recent period and a reliable source for many of the gamer community, as one of his leaks was the disclosure of the existence of both Demon’s Souls Remake and Ratchet & Clank Rift Apart before any other person or site, which was ultimately proven to be true.

This person’s information about PlayStation games in particular is always correct and to a large extent, and this hint about Bloodborne indicates that we may get something related to this title in the near future, especially since Sony knows that its community wants the game back strongly and in various ways on this current generation in particular.

Personally, when I saw that the game Demon’s Souls returned from afar on the current generation, I knew then that the return of the game Bloodborne is not impossible and not far away either. Do you still think that we will see it released on the current generation, either with a remake or a new part?

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