Top 10 Free Minecraft Mods With Direct Download Links

Top 10 Free Minecraft Mods With Direct Download Links

The Bedrock Edition offers plenty of room for additional gameplay and modifications

Minecraft is the game that never ends, it has been running for a decade and one of the main reasons or factors behind this is the add-ons and mods that players can install so that they don’t get bored of the game and try new things in the gameplay.

As with the Java version, which has a variety of mods, the Bedrock Edition offers plenty of room for additional gameplay and modifications. Minecraft not only has a huge fan community, but also one of the largest mods community, with thousands of active developers constantly creating new mods.

Top 10 mods for Minecraft
In this report, we will accompany you with the 10 best mods for Minecraft that can be obtained and installed easily and provide enough content and changes to keep you in the game world for days and possibly months.

1- Mutant Creatures

Nowadays in Minecraft it is easy to deal with ordinary monsters like reptiles, zombies and skeletons. But with this new addition, players who are passionate about facing more dangerous crowds can play Mutant Creatures to get more aggressive mutated versions of these creatures.

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2- Modify Morph Plus

Morph Plus is a simple mod that allows players to transform into 30 different types of Mobs. Players gain appearance and abilities after their transformation. With this mod, Enderman can teleport, Blaze can shoot, Snow Golem can shoot snowballs, and many more different abilities and powers.

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3- Naruto Jedy Mods

Naruto has a huge fan base all over the world and fans will love this Naruto Jedy mod. This mod brings different abilities from the Naruto world to the Minecraft world. This add-on turns Minecraft into a Naruto game by adding skills like Sharingan, Byakugan, Mangekyo, Rinnegan, Susanoo’s, etc.

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4- Actual Guns

If players are tired of using the same weapons in Minecraft, they can try the new Actual Guns mod that comes with a variety of weapons. It is Bedrock’s first addon to add guns.

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5- Modify WorldEdit

WorldEdit is one of the most popular mods for Minecraft, which is very popular among the major map makers. Where players can change any aspect of the game world. It is usually used to create, copy, rotate or cut shapes and sizes.

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6- Prehistoric Animalia Wave Modification

Made for fans of dinosaurs and the world of Jurassic Park, this accessory brings with it a variety of prehistoric dinosaurs. This addon also includes more than ten types of new Mobs.

Players will encounter different types of dinosaurs, some of which are hostile to players, while others can be tamed. The mod also features custom weapons, armor, and many more.

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7- Modify SERP Pokédrock

SERP Pokédrock is quite similar to the Pixelmon mod available for the Java Edition. This add-on is very popular among bedrock players. Where players will be able to find Pokemon scattered all over the world.

The spawning of different types of Pokemon depends on the location. For example, insect-type Pokémon appear in forests while water-type Pokémon appear in the oceans.

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8- True Survival Mod – Zombie Apocalypse

Bedrock version players can install the True Survival addon to play in a world full of dangerous zombies. There are more than 20 different types of zombies in this mod with many guns also available which can be used to defeat zombies.

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9- Modify More Tools

More Tools is an amazing Minecraft mod that comes with more than 35 different types of armor, 20 different decor items, and also 720 new tools that you can use. Players also get a chance to use tons of resources like Blazed Quartz, Enderite, Amethyst, Magma Cream, Lapis Quartz, and more to craft new forms of axe, sword, pickaxe, shovel, and more.

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10- Modification of Raiyon’s Dynamic Lighting Addon

Dynamic lighting is one of the most prominent features that can be experienced in the game, Optifine mod comes with this feature for the Java Edition. Likewise, the Bedrock version can get the same dynamic lighting feature using Raiyon’s dynamic lighting mod.

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These are the 10 best free mods available so far for Minecraft with which you can apply tons of changes and provide a renewed gaming experience.

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