The Last Of Us 2 game contained a deleted “dance” scene that was playable ..

The Last Of Us 2 game contained a deleted “dance” scene that was playable ..

As usual for most of the big titles, The Last Of Us 2 game was subjected to a cut in the content and cinematic scenes, as one of the file diggers revealed, and below we will inform you of what was found through a reviewed video.

It became known that the one who revealed such things was the YouTuber Speclizer, but he confirmed them after someone found within the files of The Last Of Us 2 game deleted scenes and tasks from the final product that were playable.

One of these scenes would have the player control Ellie’s character as she dances and performs the required movements with Dina’s character using the design of the first character’s face from the last scene of the game.

As for the tasks omitted within the final product of the game, Eli’s ability to hunt wild animals, specifically “wild pigs”, God bless you. But these content and scenes were cut out and replaced with dialogues within modified scenes and others.

The person who found this information also said that he found designs and prototypes for the dance scene that had been omitted. He also said that Eli’s version of the final scene would have invested more in the game.

As we said, YouTuber Speclizer did an interview with the creative director of the game Neil Druckman and the performer of the role of Jules Troy Baker to talk about these files and indeed it turned out that what was found is true and above.

It is reported that the YouTuber himself had tried a few days ago using several mods in order to be able to change the events and story of the game, such as eliminating certain characters in it or keeping other characters who died in them, but he discovered, despite his attempts, that the structure of the game never allows that

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