Surprisingly, FIFA 22 gets cross-play support on PS5..

Surprisingly, FIFA 22 gets cross-play support on PS5..

At a time when EA continued to hesitate to support Cross Play in FIFA 22, today it surprised the PlayStation community with a limited availability for them.

Today, FIFA 22 is available on PS5 as part of the PlayStation Plus games for the month of May, and players have already begun testing the joint play feature through some phases in a limited way. The feature is only available through Online Seasons and Online Friendlies.

This means that other game modes such as Ultimate Team and Pro Clubs will not support the shared game feature at this time. You will also be able to exit the co-op main menu if you don’t want to play through it for any reason. However, you will be able to create a friend list in the game so that you can play with your friends on other platforms.

We don’t know if EA will expand cross-game support in the game in the coming period, but we believe that it is currently testing the feature through the PlayStation version.

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