Revealing the free Epic store games for next week, a special package..

Revealing the free Epic store games for next week, a special package..

Free Epic Store games have become an essential part of the campaign to attract users to the platform, which is experiencing significant growth in terms of audience on PC.

The Epic Store continues its weekly free games campaign for players, where every week it releases two new titles and sometimes more, allowing those who download them to keep them forever in the game library of their player.

Next week, players will have access to one of Bethesda’s Arkane studio’s best games, Prey. A science fiction action-adventure game with a few touches of horror from a first-person perspective, but that’s not all, there is another title that will accompany this game for free on the Epic Store.


The game was released in 2017, and players consider it one of the titles that will not be repeated by the company despite the continuous claims for a second part, but this has not happened yet. The second title that will be available to store players for free is Jotun, a type of isometric action game that pits you against creatures from Norse mythology.

What makes it special is that everything is hand-drawn, and you will have to complete different levels and defeat the Jotun (bosses) as the protagonist and warrior. Your main weapon is a huge axe but you will quickly add a host of other weapons to your arsenal. The game focuses more on exploration than hitting enemies, but you will find that boss fights are quite challenging.


These new titles, our followers, will be available to players starting next Thursday, corresponding to the 12th of this month, and will remain available for download for a whole week. What do you think of the free Epic store games, and will you download them..?

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