Red Dead Online fans accuse Rockstar of deliberately “manipulating them”…

Red Dead Online fans accuse Rockstar of deliberately “manipulating them”…

More small updates to the game nearly a year after the last big update

It seems that the fans of the American western game Red Dead Online are getting impatient with waiting, as the game is close to completing a year since the launch of its last major update. While many of them are waiting for Rockstar to announce on any occasion during the past months, new content that will make them return to their favorite game.

Rockstar recently launched a new update for the game, but instead of being welcomed by players, we witnessed sharp negative criticism and attacks on the company due to poor content that hardly has any impact on the playing system.

In the new Red Dead Online update that was released recently, there are double rewards for some of the missions that are already in the game. Which made many players, after the arrival of this update, believe that they will finally get new content and missions, but all they got is double rewards in Horse Races challenges, nothing more.

The Save Red Dead Online hashtag went viral earlier this year and late last year on Twitter. A lot of turmoil and objections began about the content that Red Dead Online was getting and its fate, which became mysterious after Rockstar focused on its other titles and ignored the demands of the game’s fans.

Although the hype was loud, Rockstar didn’t show any direct response to the audience or even stopped releasing unimportant weekly updates, which only leads to more angry reactions from the audience. Like I did recently with this latest update.

The audience started accusing Rockstar of playing with them while still ignoring their demands and focusing only on small updates that didn’t bring much content to the game and gameplay system.

It sounds like you’re trolling society on purpose.

10 free apples! Thank you Rockstar, that’s exactly what the players wanted!

We need playable content, not a bigger map..

These are some of the reactions from the game’s fans, who are starting to lose hope in the game’s future. Some of them even asked the famous millionaire Elon Musk to buy the Rockstar company and save the game.

Crazy reactions from Red Dead Online fans, will Rockstar respond in the end, or will it just look ahead and continue to support the millionaire GTA Online and focus on developing GTA 6 that it confirmed is already under development?

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