New York sues Activision Blizzard over Microsoft acquisition violations

New York sues Activision Blizzard over Microsoft acquisition violations

The sale was a cover to evade the responsibilities of harassment cases

The merits of the lawsuit against the publisher Activision Blizzard are still ongoing, despite the acquisition by Microsoft, which has not yet been closed.

In the latest development of the case, several bodies have jointly filed a formal complaint against Activision Blizzard, accusing CEO Bobby Kotick and the Board of Directors of violating their fiduciary duty in their dealings with Microsoft and permitting its acquisition, thereby damaging the company’s value.

That Bobby Kotik and the Board expedited the sale in order to avoid repercussions of the reports of misconduct and sexual harassment with which the names of several of the company’s presidents have become associated, and demanded that they have the right to inspect all Activision Blizzard records to determine whether any wrongdoing was committed during the acquisition, Citing a number of concerns to support their claims.

Microsoft’s acquisition has heightened concerns that the company’s highly valued demands from workers will be dumped, and Bobby Kotick will be able to escape responsibility and accountability.

As confirmed by IGN, the publisher issued an official statement in response to the lawsuit filed in New York City that included a letter rejecting the accusations and its content:

We disagree with the allegations in this complaint, and look forward to making our arguments to court.

Photo from the vigil organized by Blizzard Activision employees

The merits of the story
Last year, New York City woke up to a lawsuit brought by the California Department of Employment and Housing against Activision Blizzard for discrimination and sexual harassment against its employees, detailing years of inappropriate behavior labeled “Frat Boy” culture..More .

CEO Fran Townsend’s letter to employees via email, describing the accusations as “factually incorrect, outdated, out of context stories that the company values ​​equality and fairness, and that it should not succumb to a lawsuit” was one of the key factors in motivating Activision Blizzard employees. To go ahead with their strike and their demands, according to IGN.

Following the accusations, Blizzard CEO Allen Brack, who is also the executive producer of the game World of Warcraft as well as the head of Blizzard Entertainment since October 2018, left Dan Bunting, co-chairman of Treyarch studio, following the same accusations against him. .

In order to calm the situation, the executive director of the publisher, Bobby Kotik, referred to a number of immediate measures that the company will take to address the situation, foremost of which is the reduction of his salary, after the investors and supporters of the company threatened to demand the resignation of Bobby Kotik.

And in a report published by The Washington Post about the filing of a new lawsuit against the publisher by the family of employee Keri Moynihan, who worked for them for many years, as the family blamed the working conditions within the company, and this led to her being sexually harassed during one of the company’s parties. Blackmailing her with inappropriate pictures taken of her, which was a major factor in her suicide, according to the family’s statements… more.

At that time, the publisher responded with an official letter, in which he said:

We are tired of the reprehensible behavior of the DFEH for dragging the tragic complaint of an employee whose death has absolutely no bearing on this case and with no regard for her grieving family.

While we find this behavior disgraceful and unprofessional, it is unfortunately an example of how they act through

We remind our followers that we talked earlier about inviting “SOC Investment Group”, which is the largest shareholder of the publisher Activision Blizzard, to vote on the acquisition, and the vote was decided on April 28, 2022 in favor of the merger.. To learn more, click here.

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